Choose the next 3.75-inch Hasbro figure in the 2017 Star Wars fan vote


It’s time, once again, for Star Wars fans to have their voices be heard. Vote now for the next Hasbro Star Wars 3.75-inch figure!

Hasbro is bringing back the 3.75-inch Star Wars vintage collectible figure for 2018, and the company wants you, Star Wars fans, to decide which Star Wars character will be next to join the hallowed halls of the fan-appointed line of figures.

Last year’s fan vote winner was Jaina Solo.

"Vote for your favorite hero, villain, droid, or alien that has yet to be made into an action figure. It could be anyone — from Doctor Aphra of Marvel’s comics to Klik-Klak from Star Wars Rebels." has announced that the first-round of voting will be hosted by Star Wars sites, like Dork Side of the Force. The voting started on Saturday, April 15, and will run through Wednesday, April 19.

When the voting closes, the number will be tabulated, and the top picks from each site will enter a final poll, which will be hosted by That voting cycle will run from Wednesday, April 26, to Sunday, April 30. The winning Star Wars character will be announced at some later date, which will be revealed by Hasbro.

Each fan can only vote once, and you can do so in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter. And, to be clear the winning character will be made into a 3.75-inch figure in The Vintage Collection line. There will not be a 6-inch figure in The Black Series line made this year.

So, which Star Wars character do you want to see made into a 3.75-inch Vintage Collection figure? Make sure to get your vote in now, in the comments below.