Watch Mark Hamill’s moving tribute to the late Carrie Fisher


Not only was Star Wars Celebration a celebration of Star Wars itself, but also a celebration of life. The life of our Rebel leader, Carrie Fisher.

You know, it’s said that everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives. Well, that wasn’t the case at all for Carrie Fisher. She lived life like no one else. She was innovative, creative, rare, outspoken, bold, loving, tough, caring, special and a rebel at heart.

Everyone knew when she walked into a room, and everyone knew when she left. She was amazing in so many ways. She left an imprint on every single Star Wars fan. Every person who grew up on the Star Wars franchise.

Every person who had a boyhood crush on her. But she didn’t just leave an imprint on Star Wars fans, she left an imprint on everyone. I could go on and on about Carrie Fisher, but my words about our Rebel Leader don’t even compare to Mark Hamill’s words about Carrie.

So, before we go any further, let’s watch Mark Hamill’s tribute to Carrie Fisher:

This was an amazing tribute by Mark Hamill. I loved hearing about Carrie on set and all the things she made Mark do, like wear her clothes and walk around. I also loved how much she loved, us, the fans.

You can tell that she did by all the events she would show up to, and spend hours upon hours at. But there’s one specific thing Mark said really struck me:

"“She [Carrie Fisher] made Solo and Skywalker look like chumps.”"

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That’s Carrie Fisher in one sentence. You watch A New Hope and she totally takes control of the whole movie. Luke and Han rescue her, they form a plan, she doesn’t like it and she takes control. Not seeing her in Episode IX will be very, very weird. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m ready for.

Rest in power, Carrie. May the Force be with you, always.