John Boyega surprises fans at Star Wars Celebration by photobombing them


The Force Awakens actor John Boyega surprised several fans at Star Wars Celebration Orlando by photobombing them in a red carpet experience photo shoot.

To promote their latest fan contest, Force For Change set up a red carpet at Star Wars Celebration Orlando so fans could experience being at a real Star Wars movie premiere. What the fans who got their photos taken on the red carpet didn’t know was that a real celebrity – John Boyega, who plays Finn in The Force Awakens – was waiting behind the curtain to photobomb them.

Force For Change is a Star Wars-themed charity movement which raises money for UNICEF and the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This year, Force For Change is offering donors not one but three chances of a lifetime: an opportunity to watch A New Hope at Skywalker Ranch; a spot on the red carpet of The Last Jedi premiere; and a role in the upcoming young Han Solo movie. Anyone can win one of these experiences individually, but only one person will win the grand prize and attend all three.

This week, Force For Change is promoting The Last Jedi red carpet prize, which makes the video of John Boyega photobombing fans relevant as well as hilarious. Watch it below.

"Photographer: “What if you met John Boyega, who plays Finn?”Rey cosplayer: “I’d be, like, shocked!”Photographer: “Just imagine: you’re at the premiere, and you see John Boyega.”Stormtrooper cosplayer: “That’s a special thing because being one of the first black characters… You know, I’ve been looking for him… the entire convention.”"

Neither of these fans expected to meet John Boyega and they were appropriately surprised and delighted when he finally revealed himself. But like any good jokester, Boyega made sure to get in a few photobombs before he let the fans see him.

And this was just a fake red carpet. Imagine the photobombs and fun at the real red carpet premiere of The Last Jedi. To enter to win a chance to win the latter prize, head to