New products from Her Universe include a BB-8 cardigan, Boba Fett cap and more


Her Universe quietly added new Star Wars products to their official online store including two new tees, a BB-8 cardigan, a Boba Fett cap and a cuff bracelet.

If you’re a Star Wars fangirl and you love showing that love through fashion, you probably know about Her Universe. What you might not know is that the clothing company for women and girls quietly released some new items this month. Prepare to empty your wallet!

The cutest piece that was recently released is the Leia Padme Vanity T-shirt, designed by artist Ashley Taylor. It shows Leia seated at a vanity table and her mother, Queen Padme Amidala as a reflection in the mirror.

Leia Padme Vanity T-shirt – $25.41 (on sale)

Image credit: Her Universe

This next new tee is a varsity-style v-neck that reads, “May the Force be with you” on the front.

The Force Varsity V-Neck T-Shirt – $22.01-$25.41 (on sale)

Image credit: Her Universe

The last of HU’s new pieces of Star Wars clothing is a BB-8 cardigan, perfect for cool summer nights.

BB-8 Boyfriend Cardigan – $59.41 (on sale)

Image credit: Her Universe

What is an outfit without some accessories? HU has you covered in that department, too. Check out a new Boba Fett cap and a The Empire Strikes Back-themed cuff (designed by Love and Madness) below.

Chibi Boba Fett Black Baseball Cap – $16.06 (on sale)

Image credit: Her Universe

Love and Madness Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Quote Plate Cuff – $12.90

Image credit: Her Universe

What I love about this company is how they continually expand on the variety of products they offer. In the beginning, pretty much the only clothing they produced was t-shirts. They still offer cute tees, but now you can accessorize those tees with cardigans, hats and other fun accessories.

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