Here’s Vanity Fair’s The Last Jedi preview

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

2. Finn is hurt, and it’s bad.

John Boyega’s Finn will start The Last Jedi in a bacta suit. Think bacta tank, only much more mobile. The First Order Stormtrooper turned Resistance hero said that Finn’s wounds he received from Kylo Ren’s lightsaber go much deeper than just a slash.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Boyega expounded:

"Once it’s in, it continues to burn the skin and the cells. It’s not a piece of flame that whacks your body. It’s not something that works like a stab wound. It’s really brutal"

Boyega also said that the injury to Finn is so bad, that it takes an “additional few things” to help get him back on his feet again. Is the actor perhaps hinting that Finn will have cybernetic enhancements in The Last Jedi? Possibly.

3. This isn’t the Luke Skywalker we’re used to.

Director Rian Johnson confirmed to VF that Luke Skywalker did indeed go looking for the first Jedi Temple, and he found it on the ocean planet of Ahch-To, where Rey finds him at the end of The Force Awakens.

Apparently, the old Jedi Master has been living in the ruins of a Jedi village alongside an “indigenous race of caretaker creatures” that Johnson declares are not, in fact, Ewoks.

While Johnson won’t get into too many details regarding Luke, he did speak briefly about Hamill’s performance in The Last Jedi:

"[Mark Hamill’s performance] shows a very different side of the Luke character"

Perhaps this is a hint to a seemingly darker version of Luke Skywalker seen in the first trailer for the film. However, as for Rey’s training, Johnson did say that it is a different style of training that Yoda…so fans shouldn’t be prepared to compare the two.