5 Star Wars characters who should get their own Marvel comic series

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1. Darth Bane

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Most of what we know about Darth Bane comes from a trilogy of Legends books, which may or may no longer be canon. According to these stories, Bane was the Sith who established the Rule of Two: There can only be a master and an apprentice. Before the Rule of Two, hundreds of Sith lords existed, but all they could accomplish was chaos and destruction. Bane’s Rule allowed the dark side to more completely assert itself over the galaxy.

The details of Bane’s life as outlined in the Legends books may no longer be considered official Star Wars history. However, Bane’s character is still canon, as we learned from an arc of The Clone Wars episodes. He is also still the founder of the Rule of Two. It’s high time Lucasfilm told his true story. Only a comic series, however, could convey the visual power of Bane which was shown to us in The Clone Wars.

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That wraps up our list of characters we think should receive their own comic series. Who makes your list? Tell us in the comments below.