Hasbro’s Black Series Hera Syndulla action figure to hit stores on September 1


Yakface.com uncovered the official release date of the long-anticipated 6-inch Hera Syndulla action figure, which is part of Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series.

Finally, Captain Hera Syndulla from Star Wars Rebels is coming to stores in Hasbro’s Black Series.

According to Yakface.com, a reliable source of Star Wars collectibles news, Hasbro will release a 6-inch tall Hera Syndulla action figure on September 1. September 1, 2017, is Force Friday, the day Disney, Hasbro and other Star Wars-licensed companies debut the new items in anticipation of the next Star Wars film. Hera is part of a whole new wave of 6-inch figures in Hasbro’s Black Series.

See images of the Hera figure provided by Yakface.com here.

Hasbro first announced they were creating a Hera figure at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. The company then delayed production of the toy in favor of making some changes to the character model.

Below is a photo of the first version of the figure as revealed at SDCC 2016.

Image Credit: Hasbro (via Game Informer)

I don’t know what changes they made, but whatever they were, the results are wonderful. The Hera figure looks exactly like a realistic version of the cartoon character. I love the neat details, like the tiny blaster and its accompanying boot holster. The figure is also poseable, so you can easily recreate almost any of Hera’s scenes from Star Wars Rebels.

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Look for this figure in stores on September 1, 2017.