5 directors who could take over the Han Solo standalone movie

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4. Taika Waititi

Image Credit: Madman Entertainment (via YouTube)

Taiki Waititi, star of What We Do in the Shadows and director of Thor: Ragnarok, is familiar with navigating the balance between humor and seriousness. What We Do in the Shadows, a mockumentary about vampires is by turns funny and dark, as befitting the subject matter (ancient bloodsucking vampires struggling to adapt to the modern world). Thor: Ragnarok, too, retains that side-splitting comedy we have come to associate with Marvel movies, but also deals with some dark themes. The film is called “Ragnarok,” after all; Ragnarok is the end of the world in Norse mythology, the Viking version of the apocalypse.

But it’s not just Waititi’s experience as an actor and director which makes him a good choice for director of the Han Solo movie. He is willing to take risks. The Thor: Ragnarok trailer is a beautiful example of Waititi’s creativity with its bright colors and diverse characters. The key to Waititi’s success would be tempering his own vision to match that of Kathleen Kennedy. We don’t want another clash of “creative visions,” as Kennedy put it in reference to Lucasfilm’s split with Miller and Lord.