I’m designing a Star Wars kitchen with these items from ThinkGeek


Our assistant editor Elaine is using the Pinache towels, mugs and utensils from ThinkGeek to design her future Star Wars kitchen.

Now that I am nearly graduated from college, I am ready to start thinking about moving into my own place. One of the most fun things about a new place, of course, is thinking about how to decorate it. I knew I wanted my kitchen to have a Star Wars theme since I already had some awesome ceramic Star Wars plates and bowls from Zak. But I thought I would be forced (no pun intended) to decorate using generic designs like R2-D2 and C-3PO or the Empire. You know, the kitschy kitchen stuff most stores sell nowadays.

And then, I found the Star Wars Pinache set of kitchen items on ThinkGeek. The word “pinache” means “a combination of pizzazz and Ash Catchum” on the Urban Dictionary. In other words, the Urban Dictionary entry adds, the word means, “totally awesome.” That’s what the towels, spatulas and mugs below are.

The reason I love ThinkGeek’s Pinache products is they combine Star Wars with a chic, feminine style. I also love that because the products’ color palette is splashed with pink and turquoise – not traditional Star Wars colors like the gold and the black in the same palette – the Star Wars theme in them is not immediately apparent. With just a few of these pieces placed around your kitchen, the latter will display your fandom without screaming it out loud for all your guests and family members to judge you for it.

Below are the Pinache items I want to get for my future kitchen:

Star Wars Pinache Kitchen Towels (two different designs) – $9.99

Image Credit: ThinkGeek

Star Wars Darth Vader Pinache Ceramic Mug – $12.99

Image Credit: ThinkGeek

Star Wars AT-AT Pinache Ceramic Mug – $12.99

Image Credit: ThinkGeek

Star Wars Pinache Spatulas – $9.99

Image Credit: ThinkGeek

As I said, I’m designing my whole future kitchen around the color palette of these items, particularly the towels. I plan on incorporating hot pink, gold, white and black accents into other kitchen necessities like salt shakers, vases, etc.

For a glimpse at some of my other ideas, check out my “Kitchen” board on Pinterest here. And if you’re interested in the results of my design, follow my on Twitter at @tveitlight25.

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