Ron Howard tweets photo from the set of Han Solo


Ron Howard has officially begun his tenure as the director for the untitled Han Solo Star Wars story…

Though it only lasted a couple of weeks, the drama surrounding Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s exit from the untitled Star Wars: Han Solo film, felt like it went on for an eternity. But, that’s all done now, and Ron Howard officially restarted production on June 29, with a fun little tweet. Check it out:

While the photo in the tweet gives nothing away, in regard to spoilers for Han Solo, it does let us know that Ron Howard is now in control, and he might be tweeting some photos from set, once in a while…like all the other Star Wars directors. So, move along, there’s nothing to see here.

Speaking of tweets from directors former directors in Star Wars films, one-half of the duo of Lord and Miller — Christopher Miller — tweeted out a nice little Star Wars related tweet letting all his followers that he was okay.

Ahhh ha ha ha! We see you, Chris Miller, being all cheeky with your Star Wars tweet, a week after you were fired from Han Solo! No, but seriously, that’s actually a cool tweet from a guy who has every reason to be angry about Star Wars —  but has been nothing but classy about it all –tweeting a Star Wars quote.

If you aren’t familiar with the quote, it comes from A New Hope and, wouldn’t you know it, Han Solo himself.

It’s always nice to see obscure Star Wars quotes being used by a director no longer attached to a film about the character who used that quote 40 years ago. This is why we love Star Wars.

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Star Wars: Han Solo is slated to hit theaters worldwide in May of 2018.