Star Wars: Darth Maul Comic Review ⸺ Part 3 of 5


Maul comes face to face with the hated Jedi for the very first time…

In our review for Darth Maul: Issue #2, Maul, with help from a trio of fearsome bounty hunters, was able to track down the Jedi Padawan he was seeking. He is now, face to face with a chance at the long-awaited revenge that he seeks. *Spoilers Ahead*

Issue #3 picks up with Darth Maul standing before the Jedi Padawan he had desperately been seeking. Without saying a word, Maul is just standing there savoring the moment. After a short interaction by taunting with the Padawan, Maul is then interrupted by Xev Xresus (the criminal syndicate leader running this joint), who scolds Maul for interacting with the prisoner.

Xrexus didn’t want Maul, or anyone else for that matter, getting an advantage prior to the auction for the Padawan.

Once the bidding begins, Maul perceives that he doesn’t have enough credits to purchase the prize he desires. He realizes that he must be patient, the way that his master is patient. Maul then decides to ambush the ship and crew of the auction winners, with help of the bounty hunter trio, before their leader Jee Kra arrives with his newly acquired prize.

When the Padawan arrives with Kra and more of his crew, Maul then kills them and takes over their ship.

Once in control of the vessel, Maul then makes his way back to the Padawan. He reveals himself to be a Sith and condescends over the young Jedi. She is shocked that the Sith have returned, but not intimidated by Maul, however, and refuses to back to down to the Sith.

Before the Jedi and Sith are able to duel it out, the ship is shot down by the order of Xrexus but lands safely on the below planet. A game now begins with an entry fee set for anyone who wants to hunt down the Jedi, Sith, and three bounty hunters.

Darth Maul and his quest for vengeance must be put on hold if he wants to survive.

This issue was a lot of fun for me. I was expecting Maul to engage in battle with the Padawan in this issue, so when that was delayed, it was a nice little twist.

I really enjoy how this comic series, and other Star Wars canon related material, really explore different crime syndicates and adversaries. It’s a good reminder that the Sith are not the only threat to the Galaxy and that other organizations or individuals can hold their own against the Sith.

The three bounty hunters are really a cool addition to this comic. Even though Maul could carry the comic alone, this adds more depth to the issue.

The Bounty Hunters: Aurra Sing 

The bounty hunter, Aurra Sing, is a very complex character, to say the least.

She makes her first appearance in The Phantom Menace, during the podracing segment of the film. You can see her in the wastelands of Tatooine observing the epic race that wins Anakin Skywalker his freedom from slavery.

During the Clone Wars, Sing gained quite the reputation as an effective bounty hunter. She also was crucial in the growth of Boba Fett in his career, taking on the training of the orphan for a short period of time

Cad Bane 

Not to be confused with Darth Bane, Cad Bane gained the reputation as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy after the shocking death of Jango Fett.

Jedi were often outsmarted and overmatched by the Duros, making Bane a thorn in the side of the Jedi Order, among others. His reputation was so well respected that Darth Sidious would often trust the elusive Bane with his most sensitive hired tasks.

Bane was also vital in the training of Boba Fett, taking on the youngster for a period of time as well.

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