Star Wars: Darth Maul Comic Review ⸺ Part 5 of 5


Darth Maul and Jedi Padawan Eldra Kaitis go head to head, as Maul takes on his very first Jedi. *Spoilers Ahead*

The final issue of Darth Maul doesn’t mess around and gives us what we’ve all been waiting for; Maul vs. Eldra. In a longer duel than expected, we get more into the mind of the Sith, where he is savoring every moment of this moment.

Maul debates in his mind if the risk of the Sith being revealed and the thought of being tortured (or worse) by his Master is worth it. He then decides that it is certainly worth the risk, for Maul needs to prove to himself that he is far superior not only to her but all of the Jedi.

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Eldra takes advantage of Maul’s overconfidence, which he realizes during the duel, landing a few minor punches to the Sith Lord. The Sith knows that if he makes one mistake or if he continues to underestimate the Padawan, that she is capable of defeating him. Once again, Maul is impressed by her skill and confidence.

After a lengthy duel, Maul strikes down the overmatched, but worthy, opponent. Maul then remarks that she will be the first of many Jedi that he will kill.

Meanwhile, the three bounty hunters have stolen a ship and offer Maul a ride off the planet, but he refuses. Maul has more revenge to dish out before he returns back to his Master.

Tracking down Xrexus in her private fortress, Maul is surprised that Xrexus isn’t caught off guard with his arrival. In fact, she accepts her fate and mentions that she knows that Maul is a Sith. He then strikes her down, covering all of his tracks before he returns to his Master.

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Arriving back on Coruscant, Maul informs Darth Sidious that he has completed his mission. To his surprise, his Master reveals that he knows of Maul’s extracurricular activities. Expecting to be punished, Sidious is actually proud of his apprentice, telling him that he is a true Sith Lord by his embracing of the Sith’s rule of two’s model, where the apprentice is taught to crave and seek the power of their Master.

Sidious asks Maul if he is satisfied with the kill, and Maul confesses that he is not. The series ends with Maul learning that his bloodthirst will be fulfilled, but he must be patient.

When an outcome is already known, it would be easy for there to be a major letdown. That was not the case in this final issue. Knowing that Maul would kill the Padawan was no surprise, but her ability in being able to put up a decent fight was.

It also foreshadows that Maul still has much to learn and that his overconfidence displayed here would cost him later on in his defeat against Obi-Wan.

I was also surprised by the response of Darth Sidious, expecting him to punish and even torture Maul, which he is known to do to others that have failed him. But it was a cool reminder that Sidious also strictly follows the Sith Code and realizes that Maul is just obeying his training.

This series is a great compliment to the Son of Dathomir comic run, which takes place during the Clone Wars era. Reading both back to back will show you the connections, as well as growth in Maul’s character.

As of right now, my favorite Star Wars comic runs are as follows:

  1. Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir
  2. Darth Vader (2015)
  3. Darth Vader (2017)– ranking TBD upon the final issue
  4. Dr. Aphra
  5. Darth Maul (2017)

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