50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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42. Hera flies a Mon Calamri ship

Episode: Season 2 Episode 7: Wings of the Master

The Moment: While providing relief for an oppressed planet, the Ghost crew gets interrupted by a blockade of Imperial Star Destroyers. Hera decides to take their smaller vessel The Phantom, down to the surface of the planet Shantipole so they can acquire a better ship to get through the blockade of enemy ships.

Landing on the planet is a tough task and many aircraft in the past have crash landed due to the harsh environment while entering the planet.

Hera shows off her excellent piloting skills and is able to safely land on the surface. She then rendezvous with a Mon Cal pilot Quarrie, in order to convince him to let her borrow his B-Wing ship to penetrate the blockade.

Quarrie states that only a worthy pilot is allowed to fly his B-Wing, but Hera is able to convince him to let her pilot the ship. Hera then uses the elusive vessel to break through the Imperial blockade and the Ghost crew is able to provide much-needed relief to the Ibaarian people

Why It’s Memorable: This moment really showcases the piloting skills of Hera, which were only alluded to before on the show. I would put her skills up there with the best of the best ( Anakin, Luke, Wedge, and Plo Koon).

Hera also has amazing leadership skills, which are on full display when she takes charge of this mission. Leading by example is always a good lesson to teach the audience, especially the young kids that watch the show.

It’s also really cool to see a Mon Cal character, which also includes Admiral Ackbar( it’s a trap!) and Admiral Raddus from Rogue One.