50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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41. Sabine was a bounty hunter

Episode: Season 2 Episode 8: Blood Sisters

The Moment: On the planet of Garel, the Ghost crew encounters a bounty hunter by the name of Ketsu Onyo. Through the eyes of Ezra Bridger, we learn that she has a past with rebel Sabine Wren. Ketsu had once saved Sabine while they were both cadets at the Imperial academy together. We also learn that the duo had plans of joining the crime syndicate known as the Black Sun in the past, but Sabine was betrayed by Ketsu before that plan became reality.

Ketsu, Sabine, and the entire Ghost crew encounter Imperial forces and are forced to work together in order to survive.

With a chance to leave, Ketsu is faced with the choice of either saving her own skin or saving her old friend Sabine. She decides to help her old pal( and her crew), and they are all able to escape the Imperials.

Once landing back on their rebel base, Sabine thanks Ketsu for her assistance and then offers the invitation of joining the rebellion. Ketsu says no, for now, but her and Sabine are back in good graces with one another.

Why It’s Memorable: Depth, depth, and more depth. Up until this point, Sabine had really been a one-dimensional character. We knew that she was a Mandalorian, had roots as a bounty hunter who is really handy with explosives, and also a creative artist.

Although those things are really cool, as well as her awesome modified Mando armor, we didn’t know much else about her. Sabine was lacking something. That’s where character development comes into play, one thing that Dave Filoni and his crew really excel at. This episode provided a bit of a backstory on Sabine and her specific ties to the Imperial academy. It also showed the reason for her eventually joining the Ghost crew.

In addition to showing her ties as bounty hunter and past connections, it set up future episodes with her past as a Mandalorian, which we will get to later in the countdown.