50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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40. The Lasat species is alive and well

Episode: Season 2 Episode 14: The Legends of Lasat

The Moment: With Intel from a shady space pirate, the Ghost crew rescues two members of the Lasat species who are the same species as one of the main characters Zeb.

The two recognize Zeb and reveal him as a former soldier and honor guard leader of their people. Zeb is apprehensive of the two, but we find out that his past is complicated. Zeb had thought his people as dead and the two that he encounters here are a few religious zealots that Zeb wants no part of.

The duo asks the Ghost crew for help navigating a Nebula, which apparently leads to the relocation of their people from their destroyed planet. With the help of Zeb, and his multi-purpose bo-staff, the crew are able to navigate through the turbulent Nebula and discover that a new Lira San, their home planet, had been settled. The episode ends with the two joining a remnant of former survivors, with Zeb continuing on his way with the rebels.

Why It’s Memorable: Wild space! Anytime a Star Wars story ventures into the unknown, it sparks my interest. Wild Space and the Unknown regions — the origins of Grand Admiral Thrawn, as well as the place where the Empire later retreated to after their defeat during their conflict with the Rebellion, later reforming as the First Order.

For the first time, we found out that Zeb was not the only survivor of his kind. After being wiped out by the Empire, or so we thought, Zeb felt responsible for letting his people down as a soldier. Having that piece of Zeb’s history revealed his motivations for wanting help the rebellion and the reason he fronts as a tough guy. Now we really now there is a softer side to the giant and he does care about others more than he lets on.