50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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38. Ezra infiltrates the Imperial Academy

Episode: Season 1 Episode 6: Breaking Ranks

The Moment: Here we find Ezra weeks into his training in the Imperial Academy. In fact, he is inching closer to graduation, which never comes. To be fair, that was never the goal.

Ezra’s initial mission was to go undercover and retrieve some classified Imperial information.

Jai Kell, a Force-sensitive cadet, is befriended by Ezra during their training. Ezra learns that the Grand Inquisitor is interested in the young Kell due to his Force sensitivity.

That shifts Ezra’s goal and he recruits the help of another classmate in Zare Leonis, who is a secret Rebel sympathizer. With Zare’s help, they are able to successfully rescue and then hide, Kell and his mother from the Grand Inquisitor of the Empire.

Why It’s Memorable:  This is the first time on screen that we are taken into the training of Imperial Stormtroopers. More often than not they are a punchline to jokes due to their perceived inaccuracy with firearms. This moment really displays the rigorous training and skill that Stormtroopers actually posses.

Anytime a Force-sensitive youngling appears in Star Wars content, that really intrigues me. Its a sad reminder of what the Jedi used to be and what these younglings could have been.

This is also another example of Ezra’s kindness and putting himself on the line to protect others. Ezra’s abilities are also showcased in this episode, showing his true power and potential within the Force.