50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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35. Rex and Kanan go undercover

Episode: Season 2 Episode 9: Stealth Strike

The Moment: With the Commander of Phoenix Squadron and Ezra Bridger apprehended by Imperial forces, Kanan and clone trooper Rex go undercover to break them out.

They break into the defenses of an Imperial Interdictor, disguised as Imperial Stormtroopers. Commander Sato and Ezra are eventually rescued by the duo and destroy the Interdictor. The episode ends with Rex and Kanan saluting one another, showing respect to one another after a very rocky start to their relationship.

Why It’s Memorable: Kanan and Rex’s relationship took a tremendous step forward in this moment. Kanan, who is still reeling from his Master being gunned down by Clone Troopers during Order 66, still doesn’t trust Rex. Forcing those two to work together aided in the eventual blossoming of a friendship later on.

What Kanan does not realize, and I hope he finds this out, is that one of the Clone Troopers who killed his Master aided in his safe escape from Order 66, with the clone sacrificing his life in the process. That was shown in the Kanan: Last Padawan comic.

Rex making wisecracks about the Stormtroopers armor and their inability to shoot gives me a chuckle. It also shows self-awareness from the Lucasfilm team of the perception of the ineffectiveness of most Stormtroopers.

That military salute at the end is a brilliantly written moment, with the two showing major props to one another. For a Jedi and clone to show that gesture is the sign of utmost respect. A major step up from when Kanan and Rex first met, that’s for sure.