50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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34. Ahsoka owns the 5th Brother and 7th Sister

Episode: Season 2 Episode 10: The Future of the Force

The Moment: The episode starts when two Inquisitors massacre a freighter in search of a Force-sensitive child.

After discussing recent Jedi business, Ahoska, Kanan, Ezra, and a few others head to the planet of Takobo, in order to rescue two Force-sensitive younglings.

After rescuing the two younglings, Kanan and Ezra are both bested by the pair of Inquisitors. Before they can land the death blow to the two, Ahsoka arrives to save the day.

Ahsoka makes quick work of the two Inquisitors, but Imperial forces arrive, allowing the two dark side enforcers to be rescued, with Ahsoka then escaping with the rest of the Ghost crew.

Why It’s Memorable: Ahsoka is a boss, nuff said. This moment showcases even further that, even though no longer a Jedi, Ahsoka now has the skills of a seasoned Jedi Master.

She also ignited two white lightsaber blades, the first time we’ve ever seen white sabers within the Star Wars canon. We learn how those are formed, so check that story out in the Ahoska novelization by E.K Johnston.

“You are beaten”, a line originally used in the Clone Wars, when Ahsoka had bounty hunter Cad Bane on the fridge of defeat, she uses again when the two Inquisitors are facing that same potential fate. I love how they show that Ahsoka still has a little Snips in her even though she is much more mature.

This moment was also a mirror of a story arc in the Clone Wars when Darth Sidious is collecting Force-sensitive children. Come to find out, a hand full of those were turned into the now  Inquisitors, while others were experimented on and even worse. The same fate was about to face these two younglings, but the rebels saved the day.

Later on, we also learn where these young ones, and where surviving Jedi also were taken.