50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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30. Ezra uses the Sith Holocron

Episode: Season 3 Episodes 1-2: Steps Into Shadow

The Moment: It’s been about six months since Ezra’s life-changing trip to the Sith world Malachor. Feeling responsible for Kanan’s blindness and Ahsoka’s apparent death, he turns to the wisdom of an ancient Sith Holocron.

The artifact has been crucial in many victories for Ezra in battle, leading to a promotion as a Commander. The Holocron even speaks to Ezra, giving him the advice of using the dark side to gain victory. His Master Kanan finds out that Ezra is using the Holocron and forbids him to use it. On the next mission without it, Ezra fails in his mission when it costs the life of an Ugnaught he was trying to save.

Why It’s Memorable: The fact Ezra is able to open both a Sith Holocron and a Jedi Holocron is perplexing to me. Could it mean that Ezra is some sort of gray Jedi? (Which is a term that I don’t like btw). The most likely reason is that it displays that Ezra is now at a moment in his life where he is making a choice whether to embrace light or choose the dark side.

This is the first canon appearance of a Sith Holocron, with legends material holding many venues of these ancient Sith devices. Apparently, these things can talk to you (which is cool and creepy at the same time).

The Sith who created this Holocron is able to live on, somehow, through the artifact. I think in the same way that a Jedi connects with a kyber crystal with it being a living organism, the same rings true for Jedi/Sith Holocrons.

It’s also a safe bet that we will learn the mysterious presence of the Sith Holocron and that our two Jedi will venture into the Sith connected Massassi Temples that are located on Yavin 4 during Season four of Rebels.