50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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29. Rex’s farewell to Ahsoka

Episode: Season 2 Episode 20: Twilight of the Apprentice Part 1

The Moment: In route to the planet Malachor, Ahoska contacts former Clone Captain (and friend) Rex, and the two have a conversation, reminiscing about the past. Ahoska tells Rex that she now has more experience than he does, while Rex highly encourages her to let him join their mission. Ahsoka refuses his help and the two end their transmission, in what could be their last ever conversation with one another.

Why It’s Memorable: When Ezra and Kanan return to home base after their adventure on Malachor without Ahsoka, the look on Rex’s face says a thousand words. He is devastated, expressing what the fans are feeling after Ahsoka’s duel with Darth Vader.

Their conversation is a major nod to the Clone Wars animated movie, where Rex and Ahsoka first meet when Rex tells her that experience outranks everything. She tells Rex that she needs to gain some experience if that’s the case. Now the roles are reversed and Ahsoka’s experience outranks that of even a war veteran, showing her maturity and growth. This is a very special moment for those who have consumed the Clone Wars series and one I was not expecting.

One thing that Dave Filoni and the Rebels crew does really well is not overdoing the connections to Clone Wars. They could easily make Rebels all about being a Clone Wars reunion show. However; when the moment allows for it naturally, like it does here, the payoff is huge. The thought of Ahsoka and Rex never meeting again really hits my heart hard. The thought also of not seeing Ahsoka alive ever again brings a tear to my eyes. Please say that Ahsoka lives, Dave Filoni!