50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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26. Rex ends the Clone Wars on his own terms

Episode: Season 3 Episode 6: The Last Battle

The Moment: Kanan, Rex, and Ezra travel to an abandoned Separatist world in order to acquire some artillery for the rebels. When they arrive, they find an old tactical droid who still thinks the Clone War is raging on. The droid then activates the droid army he has at his disposal and forces the trio to engage in battle with his army.

The tactical droid can’t accept the fact that the Separatists lost the Clone War, so he wants to prove it against the two Jedi and a clone, who could simulate a Clone Wars-like scenario. After a series of battles and tests, Ezra expresses that no one won the Clone Wars and that both sides were meant to lose it. The droid then accepts that as being true and allows the trio to escape.

Why It’s Memorable: In this episode, we see that Rex does suffer from PTSD. I’m glad they brought that point up, reflecting that war takes a toll on those who are apart of it. We also get to see the brilliant Captain that Rex used to be, which gave me the feels once again.

Seeing a Master, an apprentice, and clone, brought me back to happier days when the Jedi order was alive and well. I wonder if we’ll ever see the Jedi at full strength again in the new trilogy? Well, the odds are low since the name of the film is The Last Jedi. I can dream, right?

This moment also displays the maturity of Ezra, who was able to redeem himself after almost getting the group killed earlier in the battle. His maturity was displayed when he figured out that the Clone Wars was a lose-lose battle. He was 100% correct, because Darth Sidious designed the war for both sides to lose and for the Jedi to die, no matter who else suffered as collateral damage. Savage!