50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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24. Hera reunites with her father

Episode: Season 2 Episode 16: Homecoming

The Moment: Hera is reunited with her father, who is seeking to make a bold statement against Empire. The Ghost crew aids Cham Syndulla in making a statement, by against their wishes at first, blowing up an Imperial vessel.

Why It’s Memorable: Family can sometimes be a drag, can’t they? That’s the case for Hera, who disagrees with her father’s obsession for freeing his own planet from the Empire and not caring about the larger cause. This moment really displays Hera’s leadership and compassion for everyone, not just her own people. Her father can take a lesson from his daughter in the art of the greater good. Ryloth being reintroduced was a really cool moment for its connection with the Clone Wars and its high presence in the novel Lords of the Sith.

Kanan, who is Hera’s boyfriend, is hilarious when trying to impress Cham. He is aware of the Clone Wars battle where Mace Windu showed why he is the bad man he claims to be. Did you know the Twi’lek people even wrote a song about the bravery of Mace Windu? And I thought having a purple lightsaber was cool!

Freddie Prinze’s acting is so diverse. He can play the calm, cool, and collected Jedi that he normally is. He can also be lighthearted and fun at different moments. That casting of Kanan was the smartest thing that Lucasfilm could have done when creating Rebels. In my opinion, the show doesn’t work without Freddie as Kanan.