50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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23. The Bendu is introduced

Episode: Season 3 Episodes 1-2: Steps into Shadow

The Moment: Kanan, and later Ezra, encounter an anomaly in the Force on Chopper base. Kanan, who is still reeling from losing his sight, stumbles upon a large and peculiar creature who calls himself the Bendu.

Bendu then teaches Kanan that he is imbalanced and that he needs to embrace the balance within himself. Kanan then gives the Sith Holocron to Bendu, in order to keep it hidden from Ezra who was using it against his wishes. Kanan had been spending much time in isolation, depressed, over his new state of being. But with the help of the Bendu, he decides to join the cause once again.

Why It’s Memorable: Did you know that the original name for the Jedi was going to be some combination of Jedi Bendu or Bendu? This shows that the writers of Rebels know not only history within the Star Wars Universe, but also with the creation and making of it.

Poor Kanan. Dude cannot catch a break. First his Master dies. Then the Jedi order gets wiped out. Then he gets dragged into another war that he doesn’t want any part of. Then while fighting in that conflict, loses his sight. I would be a little upset and depressed too.

Another cool moment was realizing that the voice actor for the Bendu played one of the Doctors on the British show Doctor Who. I’ve never seen it myself, but my friends who have totally freaked out when they learned that.