50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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22. Rex becomes an ally of the Ghost crew

Episode: Season 2 Episode 3: The Lost Commanders

The Moment: Ahsoka instructs the Ghost crew to travel to the Seelos system, in order to track down an old ally of hers, to receive Intel on potential Rebel bases. When the crew arrives, they discover that the ally of Ahsoka happens to be three surviving, and aged, clone troopers from the era of the Clone Wars.

Rex, Gregor, and Wolfe are found to be happy in their retirement, while the sight of the clones triggers a bad memory in Kanan, that of his Master and the Jedi order falling during Order 66. Kanan reacts by igniting his lightsaber in order to kill them but calms down.

The Imperials arrive, after Gregor betrays the group out of old habit to the Empire. Working together, the Ghost crew and the former clone troopers are able to escape. Rex decides to join the group in their travels back to their rebel base, with the Intel, while the two other clones are content where they are. The episode ends with Ahsoka and Rex reuniting, their first meeting since the day Order 66 was executed about 16 years before.

Why It’s Memorable: Seeing the trio of clones, especially Rex, brought nerd tears to my eyes. Rex is one of my favorite characters from the Clone Wars animated series. A brilliantly written moment by the writing crew was having Kanan interacting and dealing with those who helped cause so much loss in his life. Rex does reveal that the trio did not turn on their Jedi and that they removed their own microchips in order for them to avoid that fate.

This makes me wonder what role the three clones, especially Rex, have during the hay day of the Galactic War? Dave Filoni revealed that Rex does survive the events of Return of the Jedi and that we will see the other two clones again. Can I get an amen!