50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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21. Visions of Maul plague Ezra

Episode: Season 3 Episode 11: Visions and Voices

The Moment: While on the Rebel base known as Chopper Base, Ezra loses his sanity when visions of Maul flood his mind. He even mistakes a Rebel soldier for Maul and nearly kills him, if it was not for Kanan’s intervention. Maul then shows up when Kanan and Ezra are conversing with the Bendu. Ezra decides to leave the planet with Maul, in order to travel to Maul’s home planet of Dathomir.

During their visit, Maul is seeking more information from earlier when the two had seen a vision of Obi-Wan still alive. Using some old Nightsister witch-like magic, Maul is able to obtain the information he seeks, leaving Ezra to deal with the awoken spirits of the dead witches.

Sabine and Kanan arrive in order to rescue Ezra from Maul, but the crafty old man’s plan is already set in motion. The two are possessed by the spirits of the witches and turn on Ezra. Ezra destroys the altar, the source of the witches power, eliminating the threat, restoring Kanan and Sabine back to their normal state.

Why It’s Memorable: This episode may be the creepiest, yet coolest Star Wars show I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Charmed. It was very dark for a so-called kids show. The moment also brings us back to Dathomir, where we spent much time on during the Clone Wars series. The witches were completely wiped out by the order of Darth Sidious, but apparently their spirits live on. I’m not sure their exact state, but that sense of mystery makes this moment even scarier.

A cool few little Easter eggs I noticed were: a torn picture of Duchess Satine, Obi-Wan’s former love interest who Maul killed. Also written on the wall in an ancient tongue, is Kenobi. You also see that Maul still has ownership of the Darksaber, which he acquired when he defeated Mandalorian Pre Vizsla. Talk about some creeper serial killer-like vibe going on here. That set up shows just how dark, twisted, and lost Maul truly has become. All he can think about is revenge against Kenobi.