50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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20. Lando beats Zeb in a game of Sabacc

Episode: Season 1 Episode 11: Idiot’s Array

The Moment: Zeb and Lando Calrissian go head to head in a heated game of Sabacc, a space card game. Being low on cash, Zeb bets Chopper (Hera’s droid) when he receives an almost unbeatable hand that has the same title as the game. Zeb thinks that he is about to collect a huge payday, when Lando throws over what’s called an Idiot’s array, the only hand that can beat his.

Lando takes ownership of Chopper, but works out a deal with the Ghost crew to get Chopper back. The crew and Lando team up on a mission, which ends up being a success in acquiring some much-needed supplies.

Why It’s Memorable: Being an avid card player myself, I thought this moment was pretty awesome. Sabacc is very similar to blackjack in style, also having a lot of ups and downs very similar to Texas Hold’em.

Sabacc was first introduced in The Old Republic legends material, then later on in the Darth Bane novel: Path of Destruction. The rule play of the game is also kept the same as it was in Legends, which was a very cool moment for me.

Once again, the Lucasfilm team is adding bits of legends material here and there, which appeases hard core nerds like myself. People who say that Disney ruined Star Wars needs to actually pay attention and notice what the story group is really doing. Thrawn, Darth Bane, Sabacc, and Malachor are just a handful of examples that the writers of Rebels are hardcore legends fans like many of us.

Maybe Lucasfilm will release an official version of the game sometime soon. Or better yet, maybe one of the many Star Wars themed lands will have a Casino where we can play the game for real. Now that would be a dream come true!