50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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15. Leia’s mercy mission on Lothal

Episode: Season 2 Episode 12: A Princess on Lothal

The Moment: Princess Leia Organa goes undercover on the planet of Lothal, to help the Phoenix squadron acquire three much-needed ships for their fleet.

After recently learning the news of his parent’s death, Ezra is in a state of sorrow. Comforted by Leia, Ezra reveals to her that he’s shocked at why she risks so much to help those in need. She reminds Ezra that those with much need to help those who have little.

Why It’s Memorable: Just hearing the name Leia makes my heart full of grief. RIP Carrie Fisher. We miss you already.

When Leia and Ezra converse, that is a very special moment. Having two Force-sensitive teenagers together is always cool, plus seeing Leia give Ezra much needed support really hits home.

Like her adopted father, Leia is also an Imperial Senator. She is risking much by helping the Rebels but does it anyway.

It’s cool to see onscreen the mercy missions that Vader mentions in A New Hope. It shows that Vader had been suspicious of the young Senator for quite some time and this episode reveals why that would be. Anytime Leia is around an Imperial escort they seem to be on the losing side. It makes sense that Vader would triumph in being able to finally prove that Leia indeed is a traitor.

One question I’ve always had that has still not been answered. Why can’t Jedi or Sith sense that Leia is strong in the Force? When Vader interrogates her, he doesn’t mention it. Kanan and Ezra don’t seem to pick up on it either. Maybe we will get that information in a novel or comic in the near future. I’ve got to know!