50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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48.The Iron Squadron holds their own against the Empire

Episode: Season 3 Episode 8: The Iron Squadron

The Moment: The Ghost crew aids the occupants on the planet of Mykapo in escaping the hostility of the Empire.

The rebels encounter a small contingency of Imperial forces but are able to defeat them with the help of a group that calls themselves the Iron Squadron.

It is revealed that their captain, Mart, is related to Commander Sato, the leader of the Rebel cell Phoenix Squadron. Mart is also a teenager, as well as the rest of his crew.

Iron Squadron is humbled when they try to take on a large Imperial presence. Commander Sato saves the day, preventing his nephew Mart and his crew from being killed in battle.

Before they escape, Commander Sato has a brief conversation with Grand Admiral Thrawn, with both showing a bit of respect for one another before they part ways.

Why It’s Memorable: Seeing the younger generation step up and take leadership always makes me smile. It’s no different when it happens in a Galaxy far, far away.

It’s also a good lesson in humility, as well. The rag tag team of teenagers achieved a few minor victories and thought they could single-handedly defeat the Empire on their own. This moment taught you to know your limits, as well as relying on others and not just yourself.

Commander Sato, though kind, has always been a rough and tough Commander. Seeing his softer side showed that he cares so much about the Rebellion and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them and his family.