50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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11. Ezra Constructs his first lightsaber

Episode: Season 1 Episode 10: Path of the Jedi

The Moment: Kanan decides that Ezra is finally ready to be taken to the secret Jedi temple located on Lothal. Once they arrive inside, Ezra must continue alone, and discover by using the Force, why Kanan brought him here. That reason is finding the kyber crystal to power his very first lightsaber.

Ezra goes on a few trials, as well as Kanan while waiting for his Padawan. They both encounter Master Yoda through the Force but do not actually see him physically manifest. He eventually passes the trials needed to acquire his crystal and the journey for constructing his first lightsaber begins.

Why It’s Memorable: Lightsaber mythology. Yes, please! My first encounter with lightsaber lore was found in the legends novel Jedi Quest, where Obi-Wan takes a young Anakin on a Jedi quest to the planet Illum.

Illum was later implemented into the canon via the Clone Wars animated series, where we received a story arc on a group of younglings with their journey for their first lightsaber crystal. With Illum occupied by the Empire at the time of Rebels, Kanan goes to plan B in Lothal.

The connection a Jedi has with its crystal is beyond the functioning of their lightsaber, but a deep bond and living connection they have to it. Their lightsaber is a living entity( I know that sounds odd, but it’s hella cool!)

I can’t wait until we get an official story on Luke’s construction of his green blade and also later on when Kylo Ren constructs his ancient Malachor designed weapon.