50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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9. Mustafar is revealed

Episode: Season 1 Episode: 12: Rebel Resolve

The Moment: In a heroic act to save his rebel friends and crew, Kanan is captured by his foe The Grand Inquisitor. He is taken aboard Grand Moff Tarkin’s flagship The Sovereign, where he is interrogated and tortured by both Tarkin and the Grand Inquisitor, in an attempt to gain information, that Kanan reveals that he does not have.

The Inquisitor reveals to him that he is aware of how Kanan’s Master Depa Billaba perished, stating that Kanan was a coward. He then puts doubts in Kanan of his leadership being in question due to his failures in the past. The episode ends with the giant cruiser orbiting over the planet Mustafar, where they plan on taking Kanan.

Why It’s Memorable: Mustafar, where Jedi go to die. A planet with rich Star Wars history. It’s the location of the epic duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and the newly christened Darth Vader, which ended up leaving Vader in his life support suit. In Rogue One, we learn that it’s the personal retreat and fortress of the Sith Lord Darth Vader.

That bit of information reveals much if you put all the pieces together. It means that Kanan was going there to see Darth Vader. He was going to Mustafar to die a horrible death. I know Kanan is thankful for his friends rescuing him from that terrible fate, that’s for sure!

This also raises a few more questions. Will Ezra and/or Kanan’s fate end on Mustafar, where Jedi go to die? We know that Yoda and Luke are the only two Jedi left during the events of The Empire Strikes Back, so there aren’t too many options for the two Jedi. Another question presented is will Kylo Ren end up here in Episode VIII? I sure hope so!