50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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8. Ezra learns the fate of his parents

Episode: Season 2 Episode 11: Legacy

The Moment: Ezra has a Force vision of his long-lost parents, using it as a guide in order to find them. However; the Imperials track down the rebels and their hidden Phoenix Squadron base, forcing them to flee. Using his vision, Ezra finds former Governor of Lothal, and now an exile, Ryder Azadi.

His parents had originally been taken by the Empire after a series of broadcasts that exposed the Empire for being an oppressive regime. Azadi informs Ezra that his parents had died in an Imperial prison, but before their passing had heard a broadcast of Ezra doing the same thing that got them imprisoned. The episode ends with Kanan encouraging Ezra, telling him that they are one with the Force and live within him.

Why It’s Memorable: This isn’t your grandmother’s kids show, folks. Rebels has been accused of being a kiddy show and shallow by a handful of critics, but this episode proves them wrong once again. Rebels thrive by using this show as a setting to teach tough life lessons. Things aren’t always going to turn out like you expect. It’s about how you respond to loss, which has been a common trend in all Star Wars movies.

Anakin is a lesson on how loss can lead to more pain, if you handle it poorly, while Ezra, to this point, has done the polar opposite. It’s also an important lesson in loss which Luke suffered quite a bit of in the original trilogy, and that lesson continues with Ezra in Rebels. The use of Force visions, like both Anakin and Luke, had as well, shows that you can’t always change the future and that always in motion it is.