50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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7. Kanan is blinded by Maul

Episode: Season 2 Episode 22: Twilight of the Apprentice Part 2

The Moment: During that same trip to Malachor; Kanan, Ahsoka and Maul team up to defeat three Inquisitors, while Ezra pursues the Sith Holocron that many are seeking. Maul then catches Kanan off guard, hitting him in the face with his dual-bladed lightsaber. Kanan is able to absorb the majority of the blow with his lightsaber, but it does enough damage to blind him. Maul then goes in for the kill, but Ahsoka blocks him before he’s able to finish Kanan off.

Kanan then dons an ancient Jedi Temple guard helmet, while Maul and Ahsoka continue their duel. Ahsoka then rushes off to stop Ezra from doing damage with the Sith Holocron he’s acquired. A blind Kanan, using his Jedi training of relying on the Force and not his sight, is able to instinctively block three attempts by Maul, knocking him off the ledge of a high platform. Maul survives, but Kanan prevents any further damage to himself.

Why It’s Memorable: Any time we see a Sith temple explored, that is always a huge bonus. We get that in this moment. The 3 on 3 fight between the Inquisitors vs. two light-siders and a former Sith was so action-packed. That duel displayed just how over-matched the Inquisitors were against the three seasoned vets.

Maul references Ahsoka as Lady Tano, a throwback to their encounter on Mandalore towards the end of the Clone Wars, also referenced in the Ahsoka novel. Knowing that Maul and Ahsoka have history adds more intrigue to two characters who are already very well developed.

Kanan is turning into a Jedi Master. After being Knighted in a vision inside the Jedi temple on Lothal, Kanan gets, even more, street cred when he is able to defeat a highly skilled Maul. The moment Kanan is actually blinded reminded me of an old classic Samurai duel. Nice touch Mr. Filoni!

Once again, the overconfidence of Maul is shown. He apparently hasn’t learned from his haughtiness in his failures against Obi-Wan, then later on when he is also owned by his former Master. Maul’s overconfidence trend continues when he faces an aged Obi-Wan later on.