50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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6. Jedi Master Luminara’s fate is uncovered

Episode: Season 1 Episode: 3: Rise of the Old Masters

The Moment: After failures and his own perceived inadequacies as a teacher, Kanan is ready to give up on instructing Ezra. Not due to the lack of Ezra’s abilities, but Kanan’s lack of it, in his own mind. When Intel arrives to Kanan that Clone Wars hero Jedi Master Luminara Unduli may still be alive, he uses this as an opportunity to seek out a new teacher for Ezra.

Located at a highly secure prison on Stygeon Prime, the Ghost crew led by Kanan and Ezra, seek to rescue the old Jedi master. The two Jedi hopefuls are able to infiltrate the facility and locate the prison cell of Unduli. They learn that her bones remain, which Kanan was able to sense, but that she had died with the Old Republic. The Grand Inquisitor arrives, who is the one that laid the trap for the two Force users. Kanan and Ezra are able to escape but are deeply sorrowed by the knowledge of Unduli’s fate. Kanan admits to Ezra of his fears and agrees to continue the training of the young Force user.

Why It’s Memorable: Clone Wars Easter eggs galore! First off, Stygeon Prime. The Spire, the prison which Unduli is believed to be detained at, is from the Clone Wars Era. The cell once contained Darth Maul himself, when his former master Darth Sidious defeated him and had him imprisoned.

Secondly, the appearance( well kind of) of Master Unduli. Her fate had previously been unknown after Order 66, where she was last seen on Kashyyyk with Master Yoda.  Now we know she died after her capture and that the Grand Inquisitor, by the wishes of Darth Vader, used her as a trap to lure in surviving Jedi.

The first full appearance of the Grand Inquisitor. I admit, my first go around with Rebels, I didn’t like the initial idea of these dark side-like bounty hunters. They won me over though, and the Grand Inquisitor became the villain that I hoped for and more. Also, in a weird sense, the Grand Inquisitor became sort of a de facto teacher to Kanan, who would taunt, yet accidentally teach the former Padawan on many occasions.