50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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5. Kanan teaches Sabine in the Jedi arts

Episode: Season 3 Episode:14: Trials of the darksaber

The Moment: Kanan is given a lesson by Mandalorian exile Gar Saxon on the first ever Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizla. He learns that the origins run back about 1,000 years and that the Jedi and Mandalorians have a heated past. The darksaber, forged by Vizsla, has been a weapon that the Jedi and Mandalorians have fought over for years and years. If anyone in the bloodline of Clan Vizsla takes up the saber, which Sabine meets the requirement of, the other Mandalorians will follow that person no matter what the cost.

On Mandalore, Kanan instructs Sabine in the arts of the Jedi with a lightsaber. Kanan displays his superiority, even though he has lost his sight. Kanan then attempts to teach Sabine a lesson by getting her to admit her motivations. Sabine then gives into her anger and is able to knock the Jedi to the ground. Kanan then encourages Sabine to take up the mantle as the leader of Clan Vizla, which the young Mandalorian is hesitant to do.

Why It’s Memorable: You had me at darksaber. What an amazing weapon and the history dating back to the time of ancient Jedi is so fascinating. The fact that Pre Vizsla, from Clone Wars, once wielded the weapon, then later Maul after he defeated Vizla, digs even deeper into the lore of this one of a kind blade. This also displays the mad skills Kanan has developed since he was blinded by Maul. In fact, some of his postures remind me that of Count Dooku in terms of style of this technique used in teaching Sabine.

The emotional aspect of this moment is not lost on me either. The lack of depth with Sabine that we discussed before is completely thrown out the window after this episode. In fact, Sabine now becomes the most richly developed character on the show.