50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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2. Maul tracks down Kenobi on Tatooine

Episode: Season 3 Episode 20: Twin Suns

The Moment: Maul journeys to the desert world of Tatooine, in search of his adversary, (former) Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. Finding the elusive Kenobi is harder than Maul anticipates, so he uses the goodness of Ezra in order to achieve his goal.

Using the Force, Maul lures Ezra to Tatooine, in order to draw out Kenobi, expecting the old hermit to help Ezra when he’s in need. Maul’s instincts prove to be true and Kenobi comes to the rescue of the young Padawan.

Setting camp up in the desolate desert, Kenobi reveals to Ezra that Maul had used him in order to find him. Maul then arrives, with the intent to kill the old Jedi master. After sending Ezra on his way back to the Ghost crew, a duel between Maul and Kenobi begins.

At first, Kenobi had no intent on fighting the former Sith, but Maul mentions that he knows of Luke, so Kenobi engages him in order to protect Anakin’s son. A brief duel ends in Kenobi killing Maul, where Kenobi finally finishes what he started on Naboo many years before.

Why It’s Memorable: Maul vs Kenobi! Need I say more? Believe it or not, there is much more depth to this moment than just the rematch of two former foes. Let’s start with the (former) Sith Lord. Maul has been set on vengeance with Kenobi for nearly three decades now. He achieved payback during the Clone Wars by massacring many of his Jedi friends (including his former master prior to that).

He also killed Obi-Wan’s love, Dutchess Satine, right in front of him. Maul just can’t seem to let go of his hatred and pain, which shows no growth. Maybe he has achieved power and status, but Maul is emotionally worse off since the last time he and Kenobi met.

The former Jedi, however, has taken a much different path. He had moved on and forgiven Maul. Beyond that, he even felt pity for the one who caused him so much loss. That is evident when Kenobi graciously, and even lovingly, holds Maul in arms after killing him. That’s a nice little homage to when he held his master and former lover, in the same way, showing that Kenobi even showed love for his enemy, an important lesson for us all.

Kenobi, known for having the high-ground, had achieved the spiritual high-ground on Maul. Obi-Wan had transcended into a more powerful state of mind than Maul did. A nice cherry on top of this amazing moment was the episode ending with Kenobi literally watching over Luke. That moment gave me chills and I may have teared up a bit.