50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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46.Podracing is still popular Galaxy wide

Episode: Season 3 Episode 1: Steps into Shadow

The Moment: Ezra retreats to his quarters to gather his thoughts after the use of a Sith Holocron(more on that later on) has left him seeking more answers.

In the background of his personal space shown above, you can see a poster in the top right corner of podracer Ben Quadinaros. You might recognize him from Episode I: The Phantom Menace as one of the many racers of that epic podracing scene. Quadinaros gets ambushed by podracing champ Sebulba, and his podracer malfunctions hindering him from even starting the race.

Why It’s Memorable: The Quadinaros poster is a nod to the episode The Rise of Clovis from the Clone Wars animated series, where you can see a similar design on the wall of Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi quarters. That particular image shows both Quadinaros and Sebulba going at it during a podracing event.

The lack of Sebulba on this poster makes me wonder if Sebulba was finally knocked off of his pedestal after losing to Anakin Skywalker, leveling the playing field for racers such as Quadinaros. Maybe the Toong racer had climbed the ranks to even the best podracer in the galaxy by the time of Star Wars Rebels.

It also brings up a few more questions, such as: did Anakin Skywalker ever get back into the podracing game? Also, if Ezra is a fan of the Galactic sport, did he ever venture onto the race track? He is a fantastic pilot, as we see throughout the Rebels series. We can only hope that Lucasfilm is not done with the podracing story arcs. Maybe our homeboys Anakin and Ezra will make a cameo, taking home the 1st place prize!