50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars Rebels

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43. Zeb and Ezra shop for a meiloorun

Episode: Season 1 Episode: 4: Fighter Flight

The Moment: Hera tasks both Zeb and Ezra to make a supply run in the main commerce area of Lothal. On the list, Hera adds a rare meiloorun, which she does not expect the duo to find. It’s revealed that the sole purpose of their errand is to give the two much-needed bonding time.

Surprisingly, they are able to to find some meilooruns in the marketplace. However; the duo gets into some Imperial trouble, and ends up losing all of the items they purchased while fleeing.

Zeb and Ezra encounter slaves who are on board a transport, and decide to help free them. After a long pursuit and a small battle, the two are able to free the grateful captives and steal a Tie Fighter in the process.

After hiding the TIE Fighter in a discrete location with plans to use it  later, Ezra and Zeb return with a full crate of meilooruns.

Why It’s Memorable: Ezra and Zeb provide the big brother, little brother role for Rebels. Seeing them learn to appreciate one another and also express their typically un-shown love for each other is a nice lesson to teach the younger audience who is watching.

Seeing the every day oppression by the Empire displayed in the episode is a reminder to the audience of what the Rebels are truly fighting for.

Including meilooruns was a nice nod to the legends novel X-Wing: Wedge’s Gamble, where it made its first appearance. The rare fruit also made a cameo in the canon novel Rogue One: Catalyst. Anytime the Story group makes a nod to a legends novel and shows their love for old school stories makes for a great moment for fans.