10 reasons why Star Wars is better since the Disney acquisition

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Is the Star Wars universe facing problems that are ruining the franchise?

Today an article crossed my path from Epic Stream that stated there are problems “ruining” the Star Wars franchise. The media source listed and broke down 10 reasons how the franchise has basically lost its way.

Even though the article is very articulate and well written, I completely disagree with its conclusions. In fact, I believe the 10 reasons that are brought up actually make Star Wars far better and not worse. The article criticized everything from George Lucas, to the Prequels, to nostalgia, and more. Here is our counter to each point of their 10 arguments.

10. There is nothing wrong with all them feels.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Their argument: Nostalgia. They argued that nods to the Original Trilogy were overdone. In fact, they believe that The Force Awakens should have done away with most, if not all, of the original cast.

Our counter: What’s wrong with using nostalgia to make you feel them feels? In-fact, The Force Awakens used the nostalgic factor to further the plot, with a purpose for every moment that was a nod to the Original Trilogy.

Han Solo’s interaction and time with Finn and Rey was a method of getting our two new characters from the start of their hero/heroine’s journey, to the next step. It felt natural with them all traveling on the Falcon, with the feels naturally happening on their own.

Luke Skywalker was used as a plot device for the entire movie, which worked to perfection. If Luke were not present at all, that would not make any sense. Using just a small dose of Luke was perfect. As much as I wanted the Jedi Master on screen, if he were present for the first part of the trilogy, he would have drawn the attention away from the main characters when they were still being introduced.

Patience is the key, and the payoff will be even bigger now that Rey is thoroughly introduced and Luke will be a large part of the second installment. Star Wars needs Luke.