10 reasons why Star Wars is better since the Disney acquisition

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ORLANDO, FL – APRIL 13: Mark Hamill and George Lucas attend the Star Wars Celebration Day 1 on April 13, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

8. Thank you, George Lucas.

Their argument: That George Lucas was not the main reason for their success. They credited others (writers and directors) with more of the reason for the success of Star Wars, not Lucas.

Our counter: Even though I agree that teamwork is key to Star Wars being what it is today and that the actors, Lawrence Kasdan, the writers, and the story group are critical to their success; they do not deserve most of the credit, Lucas does.

Lucas took all the risk when he first introduced Star Wars. If it fails, then he fails. If the creator didn’t take a chance on these directors, actors, and writers to help him create his vision, then they would not be successful. George Lucas deserves most of the credit.

Plus, it was his vision for the animated series Clone Wars, which took the franchise to a whole new level. Thank you, George, and we give you most of the praise and credit for Star Wars.