10 reasons why Star Wars is better since the Disney acquisition

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

6. Merchandising is fun and helps with fan interaction

Their argument: Toys and merchandising are overkill and a disservice to the fans.

Our counter: I believe merchandising of Star Wars goods is fantastic for fans. Being the avid collector that I am myself, I love having access to these collectibles. If you don’t want the Star Wars goodies that are on sale, don’t buy them.

Two good examples are found in Star Wars actors such as Mark Hamill and Ashley Eckstein. The Jedi Master portrayed by Hamill is interactive with fans and makes sure that they are not getting ripped off when purchasing his autographs.

Eckstein has a whole line of clothes and collectibles that she sells and uses it as a chance to promote self-esteem, interact with her fans, and do it honestly. Without merchandising, then fans wouldn’t have an opportunity to interact or even the venue to meet their heroes such as these.