10 reasons why Star Wars is better since the Disney acquisition

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3. Poor Conclusions

Their argument: That Return of the Jedi concluded the Original Trilogy poorly.

Our counter: On the contrary. The final installment of the Original Trilogy wrapped up the first part of the story perfectly. Showing the humanity of Vader helped display what Lucas was portrayed in the first place, that Anakin Skywalker was a victim and NOT a villain. Luke was able to accomplish what his father formerly could not, by resisting the dark side. That’s enough in itself to wrap up the trilogy.

Even though they agreed that was the best part of Return of the Jedi, they thought everything else is poorly done. It was fun going back to Tatooine and seeing Luke show off that he was now complete in his training. How awesome was it when the door raised in Jabba’s palace and a bad-ass silhouette of Luke appeared?! The Death Star part two wasn’t as terrible as they stated and the Ewoks are an excellent way to show that size matters not.