Kylo Ren: Star Wars Character Spotlight

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Han with the assist?

While the theories that Han chose to sacrifice himself and ignited the lightsaber on his own, or Ren will return to the light on his own choosing are possible, one theory which has circulated since December of 2015 is one which is much less likely.

Fans have also theorized Kylo Ren is not only an apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke but he is still secretly serving his former master Luke, serving as a “double agent” of sorts. While some belief this to potentially be true, others question why Ren would kill his own father, among the many other people he has killed.

It is doubtful Luke would approve of Ren murdering Han, even if to further convince Snoke and all the others he is truly one with the Dark Side. It would take a real monster to murder one’s own father in cold blood, thus eliminating the probability of this theory while also further validating the theory of Han choosing to sacrifice himself rather than Ren killing him.

The many theories are circling the internet all point to the possibility that Kylo Ren will turn his back on the Dark Side of the Force and return to his family and the Jedi at some point. While this would make for an interesting enough story, it must still be taken into consideration that Ren will continue the remainder of the trilogy as Snoke’s pawn and his desire to destroy the remaining Jedi.

Of course, this would not be as interesting, yet Star Wars has proven to excel more when keeping one villain for the whole trilogy rather than one different villain for each movie of the trilogy.