Rian Johnson talks The Last Jedi on Twitter while Ron Howard shares set videos of Han Solo


Star Wars directors Rian Johnson and Ron Howard have been tweeting about Star Wars…

When you are the director of what is sure to be a box office juggernaut like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and you have a Twitter account where you happily engage with your fans, most of those interactions aren’t going to go unnoticed.

This has been the case, of late, with Johnson, whose film was recently featured as part of Entertainment Weekly’s fall movie preview. When approached by a fan complaining about the reveals from EW, Rian tweeted this:

If there’s one thing we’ve learned since Disney kick-started the Star Wars franchise, is that we shouldn’t put too much stock into the trailers or press surrounding the film. Lucasfilm has been using unused footage and photos from each new Star Wars film since The Force Awakens began its marketing push in 2015.

Another fan asked Johnson about bringing his seven-year-old to see The Last Jedi and had some knowledge dropped on them.

Another fan named Neil got into the debate.

Johnson was quick to point out Revenge of the Sith was far more violent and darker than The Force Awakens.

Johnson does play the nice guy here because Neil wasn’t finished, but you can read that entire thread at your leisure.

Moving on, Han Solo director Ron Howard has been a photo and video sharing machine as of late, and each new share is another glimpse at the set of the untitled film.

This appears to be a video of some sort of speeder junkyard, and the only reason I say that is because his next tweet mentions where old speeders go to die.

Looks like maybe we’ll be seeing Han Solo building a speeder, or possibly living in the speeder junkyard when Star Wars: Han Solo hits theaters next summer.

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It’s nice to see both directors open with Star Wars fans and just makes me appreciate the access fans have with such important people. Oh, what a time to be a Star Wars fan.