50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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50. Anakin takes Admiral Trench head-on

Episode:  Season 2 Episode 16: Cat and Mouse

"Episode Summary:  A Separatist blockade surrounds Christophsis. Anakin’s fleet is tasked with deploying relief supplies to the surface but they are massively out-gunned and out-maneuvered by the skillful Admiral Trench. Obi-Wan arrives and unveils the Republic’s new weapon: a stealth ship. The stealth ship is the last hope at besting the cunning Separatist fleet commander and aiding the battered people of Christophsis"

The Moment: Anakin defeats the shifty Trench by refusing to back down. In combat with the Invincible, Trench’s personal flagship, Anakin is piloting a vessel known simply as the Stealth Ship. He then flies directly towards his adversary, with the intention of using Trench’s own weapons against him. Anakin’s bold move pays off. In a panic, Trench commands his protective shields to be activated, but Anakin’s plan was already set in motion and it’s too late for the Separatist Admiral. Trench is then frozen in shock and humbled in defeat, when his very own torpedoes detonate into the Invincible, destroying it, with Trench himself presumed dead.

Why It’s Memorable: Anakin’s bad-ass piloting. Need I say more? Since the age of nine, when he won the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine, he’s been known as the best pilot in the galaxy. Those skills are put to the test against a formidable opponent in Admiral Trench. Anakin uses the overconfidence of his foe and blows his ship to smithereens, proving once again that when you’re in a battle with the “Chosen One”, you best turn around and retreat into hyperspace as fast as you can. Even the hard-to-impress Colonel Yularen had to tip his officer’s cap to the young Skywalker.