50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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19. Kenobi & Hondo team up against the Sith wannabes

Episode:  Season 5 Episode 1: Revival

"Episode Summary: The dark warrior Savage Opress is on a quest to find his long-lost brother. Could Darth Maul truly be alive, after more than a decade since his gruesome bisection at the blade of Obi-Wan Kenobi? Savage voyages into the depths of a twisted planet to find whatever became of the fallen Sith Lord."

The Moment: Maul and Savage continue extending chaos throughout the galaxy when they attempt to seduce Hondo’s men, which is short-lived when they betray Maul and go back to their fearless leader. The pirate crew and Kenobi are able to shoot down Maul and Savage’s ship, but the two brothers escape into space via a pod, where we will catch up with those two troublemakers at a different moment of time.

Why It’s Memorable: The funniest line in all of the Clone Wars was uttered in this episode with Hondo Ohnaka:

"Maul: Filth, you will pay for your insolence. Hondo: Insolence! We are pirates! We don’t even know what that means. Open fire!"

Kenobi’s strength is also showcased, where he is able to slice off Savage’s arm and best Maul in the process by fending him off, allowing he, Hondo (and his crew) to escape. Kenobi has mad skills, ya’ll! This shows that Maul has much to learn and his over-confidence, which we see throughout his career, is always his undoing. Maul is like that Greek god Sisyphus who is cursed with the fact of nearly making it to the top and peak of the mountain to obtain glory and power, then always following back to the bottom when he gets oh so close every-time. Rinse and Repeat, Maul.