50 Most Memorable Moments from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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11. A Clone defector on Saleucami

Episode:  Season 2 Episode 10: The Deserter

"Episode Summary: General Grievous is shot down over Saleucami and crash lands in the wilderness. Obi-Wan leads an expedition to find the droid general. Rex is injured during the search, and must recover in a local farmer’s barn, but he is shocked to discover the farmer is a clone deserter."

The Moment: Rex and clone deserter Cut Lawquane form an interesting alliance when war comes to this once peaceful planet.

Why It’s Memorable: This episode is another moment and path where Rex is learning about life after being a Clone-trooper. Also another reminder that he has a choice with his life decisions and doesn’t have to follow orders that cause him to disobey his sense of right and wrong.

Rex’s attitude with his clone brother who had left the war, was quite interesting, with accusations of turning on his brothers and the Republic. Come to find out, it will be the clones who are the traitors later on. Oh, the irony.

It’s also interesting seeing the offspring a T’wilek and clone. Those kids are adorable and the sweetest younglings ever. Throughout the entire episode, I thought they weren’t going to make it out alive, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Thanks to Rex and their father, they live to be safe and sound.

A nice little Easter egg from Revenge of the Sith is that Saleucami is where Quinlan Vos ends up going towards the end of the Clone Wars. It is still unknown to this day whether he survived the purge. Maybe at some point, he seeks the refuge of the clone deserter and his family. That would make for an epic story!