Star Wars Battlefront II: Full details released game-play features

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Sequel Trilogy

If you want to explore the maps of newer content, then these worlds are definitely for you:

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Jakku ( Single Player Only)

Try and remain classified while in combat in this desert world filled with Dark Side secrets. Who knows, you might stumble upon a clandestine scavenger or find some one who is a big deal to help you in your efforts.

A harsh desert world, Jakku is a lawless place that’s home to thieves, outlaws and refugees. During the final years of the Galactic Civil War, Jakku was the site of a secret Imperial research base and served as a jumping-off point for warships heading into the Unknown Regions. The Empire made a last stand above the frontier planet.

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You might need the help of Maz in this battle, or if you’re fighting for The First Order, you’ll get to utter the words “traitor!” to your once companion and ally. Who else wants there to be the option of stumbling upon the Skywalker lightsaber and using it against your completion on this level?

A lush green world in the galaxy’s Western Reaches, Takodana has long served as the base of operations for the diminutive pirate queen Maz Kanata, whose ancient castle is a haven for smugglers, brigands, scouts and spies from numerous worlds. 

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Starkiller Base

Did you know that Starkiller Base was once the planet Illum, from Star Wars The Clone Wars? Unfortunately, your mission will be to blow up the once Jedi safe haven, but it’s the price you must pay in order to save the galaxy from the wretched First Order.

Deep in the Unknown Regions, the First Order has constructed a superweapon that uses an entire planet as its weapons platform. The deadly Starkiller harvests energy from its system’s star, contains it within magnetic fields inside its base’s planetary core, and then converts that energy into an ultra-powerful beam that blasts through hyperspace, able to sterilize the worlds of a distant star system with a single shot. 

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D’Qar– Space Battle

A lush world in the Outer Rim, D’Qar is the principal base of General Leia Organa’s Resistance. Rebel pilots first surveyed the planet before the Battle of Endor.

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Now uninhabited, Crait is a mineral world dusted by a layer of white salt, reflecting the planet’s sunlight. It was once the site of a Rebel Alliance outpost, and has become a haven for the fleeing Resistance forces.