Star Wars Battlefront II: Full details released game-play features

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

All the game modes

With this breakdown of all the different game-play modes, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect, with also a first player campaign canon story-mode this time around.



  • Fast-paced, close quarters combat.


  • Strategic, objective-based battles.

Heroes vs Villains

  • Where iconic Star Wars characters go head-to-head

Starfighter Assault

  • Intense dogfights across high atmosphere and space.

Galactic Assault

  • Epic 20 vs. 20 all-out warfare.

"Not ready for multiplayer yet? No problem. Perfect your skills and try out all your abilities offline."

Arcade Mode

  • Split-screen co-op
  • Solo-mode
  • Also, earn awards you can use in other venues.

There is an important feature — Battle Points — that not only allows you to bring more of your Star Wars legends into game-play modes but your favorite hero ships as well, including the iconic Millennium Falcon.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Another important and upgraded feature is the Star Card:

"These powerful collectibles exist for everything you can spawn in as, be it a Trooper, a vehicle, reinforcement, or hero. You can find them in crates or craft and upgrade them using parts. The rarer tier card, the more powerful its effect in battle. Choose the right Star Card for the right situation and get ready to fight."