Star Wars Battlefront II: Full details released game-play features

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First-player campaign: Inferno Squad

Last, and certainly not least, is the game-play mode I’ve really been looking forward to, the single-player campaign, featuring Inferno Squad‘s Iden Versio.

Before we cross enemy lines, and most certainly before you begin the campaign mode, be sure to read Inferno Squad by Christie Golden, which you can read here, as well as check out both of our reviews:

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The novel gives you a complete breakdown on the campaign’s main character and her origins.

"Star Wars Battlefront II single-player campaign debuts an untold story, helping bridging the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. As Iden Versio, Special Forces soldier is equally needful on the ground as she is in space, you fight for the future of the Empire, in a galaxy breaking apart, with a few familiar faces along the way:"

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Versio encounters a presence strong with the Light Side, as well as another who has turned to the ways of the Dark Side:

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There are perks if you pre-order the game, which includes a multiplayer beta available starting Oct. 4, which you can reserve your copy of the game here. 

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The game drops this November 17, on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One, changing the gaming galaxy far, far away forever.