Video: Taran Killam reflects on the Matt the Radar Technician SNL skit


Taran Killam, formerly of Saturday Night Live, discusses SNL sensation Matt the radar technician from the Undercover Boss skit

Taran Killam, who had a long run on Saturday Night Live (2010-2016), is mostly known for a skit he did on his former show when Adam Driver hosted, where both actors embraced their love for Star Wars. Driver himself really put his heart into the character Matt the Radar technician of Kylo Ren for SNL, which added to the authenticity, yet fun nature of the script.

If you were living under a rock and missed the original skit, grab your popcorn and be prepared to laugh your tail off like never before in a galaxy far, far away. Here’s the YouTube video brought to you by Saturday Night Live

Recently, Killam caught up with Andi Gutierrez from The Star Wars Show, revealing some cool details from that famous Undercover Boss skit featuring Kylo Ren, as well as his personal fandom within the Star Wars universe.

"Star Wars is my favorite thing in the world. Bobby Moynihan and I were absolutely the resident Star Wars nerds and were on the show at a time where Star Wars was being relaunched and there were new movies were coming out and there were new animated shows. We were pretty excited. The staff, maybe not as much."

The skit really made fans think that they were back on Starkiller Base, which, come to find out, was more than just Killam and Driver’s genuine performances:

"It’s actually Kylo Ren’s costume. They shipped out the Kylo Ren hero costume and we got to touch and sniff and chew on it."

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Killam did not let this elevated amount of success go to his head, in-fact quite the opposite, where the talented comedic actor embraced the new found following of Star Wars fans:

"One of my favorite things we ever did was Undercover Boss. I own Matt action figures and an action figure of myself. Both custom made. Now that J.J. is back on board, I’m really going to push to have him put my character in the background and make it canon."

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Like Killam, Undercover Boss is one of my favorite things SNL has ever done, and that is saying a lot with the show’s long run and comedic genius over many seasons. Maybe us fans can start a petition or even tweet at J.J. Abrams, convincing him to add Killam’s character for the untitled Episode IX?  

We love Matt the Radar Technician!